"i ship it way more when they are sad olds" applies to a bunch of pairings i like tbh

marty is bad at a lot of things but oral sex on cis ladies is not one of them

no one can take this headcanon away from me

alternate title for “trajectory:” cunnilingus and misdirected introspection with marty hart

fic: “trajectory”

At a crime scene, late 1994. Murder case—their first together at the CID. Twenty-two year old female victim. Marty says domestic violence; Rust has a slightly different perspective.

More fem!Rust, a companion to this fic. Same AU, not exactly a sequel—this is turning into a series organized by theme rather than in a linear narrative. This installment features scenes from early in Marty & Rust’s partnership, in which Marty struggles to conceptualize Rust as his partner and as a woman. It doesn’t delve into the Lange case too deeply because a lot of that is going to feature in another fic.

There’s a smidge of Rust/Marty, but it’s brief and more physical than romantic. Also ill-advised. (If any real romance is going to happen in this AU it’s going to be when they are sad olds.)

Warning for murder, vague description of a corpse, violence against women, misogyny, gendered and homophobic slurs, mentions of workplace harassment, infidelity. One semi-graphic scene of (unsatisfying) consensual sex.

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my dad is down in the basement finally getting back to watching true detective since i bought the dvds and i’m up here in the dining room writing vaguely smutty true detective fanfiction




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dear everyone: forgive the unsatisfying sex scene that is about to hit your dash.

do you ever start to list the warnings on your fic and then it’s just like

how did this get so long

why am i writing such deeply questionable things

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two(ish) questions for followers:


1. this one is for my afab trans/genderqueer buddies. so the binder i bought a while ago is pretty okay for the $10 i spent on it, but it’s really not up to the task of containing my bust all that well unless i’m slouching and/or wearing several layers. and considering my chronic pain issues, slouching is a pretty bad option for me. (i’m a 34d, if that makes a big difference as to the recommendation. how did this happen, i’ve made my mistakes, etc etc.) some days i am pretty down with my bust area but other days it is just too much boob. so i was wondering if anyone has suggestions for a more heavy-duty binder? preferably under $50, but if it’s really super awesome i guess i could splurge, since it’s a legitimate need.

2. i want to do a benjamin twins cosplay photoshoot now that i have my sweet wig, but i have nowhere to do it and no one to help me! so: does anyone in the nyc/li area want to take pictures of me as sad fictional royals? also: does anyone have any extremely fancy furniture for me to lounge on? or, alternately: does anyone know of a really fancy hotel that wouldn’t kick me out for taking pictures in their lobby?

if no one recommends a binder i’m probably going to spend that money on albums by timber timbre and black rebel motorcycle club. also a pretty solid choice for spending money i should be saving, but less likely to cut down on gender-related issues.

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